Three Things Thursday // #2

1. Maybelline nail polish &, i guess, nail polish in general

I have this new found love for painting my so-called nails. I am, & probably will always be, a nail biter. I have recently found that the only thing that keeps me from nibbling on these nails is nail polish. & so, I’ve bought 4 bottles of nail polish in the past week. I hope my little addiction lasts. It might take a while, but this nail biting habit WILL be kicked!

2. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows

I’ve listened to the 7th Harry Potter book at least 7 times. Yes, listened. A couple redundant jobs ago, I was allowed to listen to music all day. After I would get burnt out on my music library, I would always fall back on my Harry Potter audiobooks. Even after 7 times of listening to each book, which does not include the several times over that I’ve read them, I have never gotten sick of the wonderfully british voice of Jim Dale. The Deathly Hallows story is amazing. The animation from the movie is almost exactly as I had pictured it! Watch it, here! I, being the ridiculous HP nerd that I am, proudly have this symbol as a keychain & as a decal on my car window. Total nerd status.

3. Sky High by Ben Folds Five

My husband got me addicted to this album &, specifically, this song. Darren Jessee, the drummer for Ben Folds Five, wrote it. The melody is brilliant. The words are simple. I just love it.

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