Three Things Thursday // #1

I hereby pronounce Thursdays as the “Get to Know the Person Behind the Lens Day!” Fortunately, I have shortened the name to the fun alliteration, “Three Things Thursday.” Here, you will get to know a little more about my inspirations, my life, & my odd obsessions. I would love to hear some of your random interests as well, & I would especially LOVE to hear if we have the same interests in common. The comment box is there for a reason :]


#1: New Girl

In my opinion, this show is quite possibly the best thing that ever happened to television. The dynamic between all of the characters is super unique & the humor is quirky & weird. I honestly can’t decide who my favorite character is. It’s a toss up between Nick, the cranky 90-year-old man in a turtle faced, 30-year-old body, & Schmidt, the “cardi”-clad failed attempt of a womanizer. You’ll understand the character descriptions from watching even one episode, another reason why this show is so lovable.

#2: Lonestar Taqueria

I was recently introduced to this place by my lovely sister, & I don’t think she understands what she has done to me. I have craved their burritos & tacos every day since I took my first bite just a few weeks ago. It’s comparative to the other various mexican restaurants, like the unforgettable Cafe Rio, Chipotle, & Barbacoa, & is also reasonably priced.

The reason why my sister wanted to take me there in the first place is because it reminded her of the food that we ate in Puerto Vallarta in January, you can check out some of the photos from that AMAZING trip here. Seriously, from the moment that I walked into the little restaurant, I felt like I was back in mexico. The colorful banners that hung across the streets in downtown Puerto Vallarta were hung across the ceiling, the chips & salsa were almost an exact replica of the ones we ate on the resort, & the servers & cashiers were so nice & super fast! I even got to use the minimal amount of spanish that I did know to talk with them.

Man…I think I may need to go get some delicious fish tacos right now…

#3: Target

Who doesn’t like Target though?! Am I right, or am I right?? It’s just one of those places that doesn’t let you down, well, when it comes to clothes. I was in a bind one time & needed some ribbon, FAST, & they didn’t have any.. NONE! But that’s a whole other story. Back on point! I spent a whole lot of time at Target in high school, not only because I worked there 20 hours a week, but because I also stayed after my shift to spend the majority of my tiny paychecks on amazing finds that I had scored from the clearance racks. I have to limit myself to only a couple visits a month now. Their fun prints & patterns are just too hard to resist these days :]

// What have you been loving recently? //

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