Mexico Adventures // Puerto Vallarta

This year is full of amazing “firsts” for me already! I have never been out of the country, so the hubby & I decided to go on a second honeymoon to Puerto Vallarta! & it was absolutely AMAZING! It was odd to leave Salt Lake behind covered in snow & arrive in a tropical, sunny, & moist Puerto Vallarta. Not only was I having the time of my life, but so was my skin! I didn’t have to put lotion on once!

We spent our first day just taking it all in. We walked along the beach, explored our all-inclusive resort, the Barcelo, & the sites around us.

This is just one of the many villages that surrounded our secluded resort. It’s crazy to me that people actually live in places like this!

If you ever have a chance to go to Puerto Vallarta, you definitely need to go to the zoo! Not to be confused with “The Zoo”, which is a local bar downtown. Make sure you clarify that it’s the zoo with the animals! :]
Our package included admission, a bag of food to feed the animals, (which had a ton of corn, peanuts, bread, pellets, & carrots. & you could literally feed almost every animal in the zoo!) & 15 minutes to hold 2 monkeys & a lion! Yes, I said, a LION!

Meet Moñeco! Is he not the most adorable thing ever??! 

The village you walk through to get to the zoo.

Ceramic painting activities at the resort! Clint painted a Winnie the Pooh into a mexican Winnie the Pooh barista. He was holding a barrel of beer & had a little mustache. That creative husband of mine :]

Welcome to downtown Puerto Vallarta!

The view from our room at night. Sometimes I can’te even believe that we were really there..

The view from the breakfast buffet on our last day.

It’s been a month since we’ve been home & I still miss it every day. It was absolutely beautiful there & I miss not having to worry about homework every day.. It’s nice to be home, but there’s nothing like falling asleep & waking up to the waves crashing on the beach!
Until next time!

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